“Designing clothes is like creating wearable art to me. Art is the highest form of expression, clothes are the best means to make it closer to people.” Vivetta Ponty

Inspired by her love of animals, especially cats, happy memories and stories from her childhood, Vivetta channels the charm of vintage toys, antiques, and tapestries into poetic collections with a surrealist twist. Her creations are moving ideas that reference designers from a range of artistic disciplines: From Italian legends Gio Ponti and Fornasetti, to the Art Deco works of Erté, illustrations by Luigi Serani, Slim’s photographs and Pablo Picasso’s masterpieces. Vivetta’s dreamlike designs move to the sounds of Marianne Faithfull and Connan Mockasin, Catherine Deneuve and the Nouvelle Vague. Experimental animation movies from the 1960’s and 70’s and references to the creative minds of Norman McLaren, René Jodoin, Co Hoedeman, Caroline Leaf, Yuri Norstein, Hermina Tyrlova, Jan Svankmaier, and Jirí Trnka are all sprinkled throughout Vivetta’s work.

From romanticism to irony, Vivetta’s multi-faceted universe weaves together a range of themes, presenting Made in Italy craftsmanship through unflinchingly modern codes. Nostalgic references are fused with contemporary shapes and preppy silhouettes to create collections that are fresh and full of whimsy. From cuffs to collars, hand and face details are embroidered throughout, forming an integral part of the brand’s design DNA. Other key details include shoes, bags, jewellery, hats and pin brooch.